Bee Wise Formula 2 Balm

Bee Wise Formula 2 Balm

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This balm complements Bee Wise `Original’ balm in that it has been formulated especially for the more sensitive skin.
  • Brand Bee Wise
  • Size 100ml
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Formula 2 Bee Balm

This balm complements Bee Wise `Original’ balm in that it has been formulated especially for the more sensitive skin. This balm applies its renowned efficacy with a feather light touch and particularly benefits the elderly, babies, toddlers and those who suffer from allergies.

This balm may be used to aid in the treatment of –  abrasions; allergic reactions; bites – animal, insect, spider, etc; bleeding, blisters, boils; bruising; burns; carbuncles; chilblains; cracked heels & skin; cuticle repair; cuts; cysts – fibrotic & sebaceous; dry skin; eczema; female hygiene; fever blisters; fungal growths & infections; haemorrhoids (piles); ingrown hairs; male hygiene; pigmentation; pruritis; psoriasis; radium burn; rashes - general; scarring; sepsis; shingles; splinters; stings – including bees & sea creatures; styes; sunburn; thrush – oral & vaginal; ulcerous sores – diabetic, oral and venous; urticaria; whitlows; wounds; wrinkles.

Contra indications - beeswax contains Vitamin E; DO NOT place within the eye – beeswax is granular; beeswax contains prostaglandins which are a source of natural cortisone. This balm therefore reacts to chemically produced cortisone. 

For the more sensitive skin.
Ingredients ~ beeswax, sweet oil and TLC (immeasurable) 
Available in ~ 25ml, 50ml and 100ml jars



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wow this is a very wonderful product,it works wonders i even use it as my facial cosmetic now because i have a bit problem.i like it more because its multipurpose
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