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M-KEM Health Zone prides itself on its amazing range of health supplements from good quality brands such as Solgar, Solal, Vital, A. Vogel and more.  We stock Homeopathic products, Supplements, Complementary Health Medicines, Vitamins and Speciality Health Foods.

If you can’t find what you are looking for online, give us a call as we may stock it in-store and make an arrangement to send the item to you.

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The high level of active Aloe ferox extract contributes to cell regeneration and collagen protection..
Alcare Aloe Moisturising Day Cream 50ml
Soothes and moisturises the skin, providing enough nourishment for normal skin types, without feelin..
Alcare Aloe Moisturising Night Cream 50ml
A specially formulated cream, enriched with a high concentration of Aloe ferox extract and sweet al..
Due to the synergy of active ingredients in the Radical Radiance Gel: collagen production is activat..
Due to synergy of active ingredients in the Triple Action Gel, the skin is energised to a healthy an..
This rich formulation provides extra nourishment for dry and mature skin types, leaving the skin fee..
Amipro  Metagenics D3 1000
D3 1000 features high potency vitamin D3..
Amipro Citricidal Plus
Citricidal is an extract from the ground seeds and membranous material of the grapefruit. The bitter..
Amipro Cytogreen
Green foods comprise a family of algae, cereal grasses and legumes, all high in chlorophyll, a pigme..
Amipro GABA 500
GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is the most important and abundant inhibitory neurotransmitter in the..
Amipro Magnozone
Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Hydroxide release oxygen and ozone into the gastro intestinal tract an..
Amipro Malic Acid +
Malic acid is derived from food sources and is also synthesized in the body via metabolic cycles in ..
Amipro Metagenics Adrenogen
Adrenogen provides nutritional support for adrenal function by combining high-quality nutrients that..
Amipro Metagenics Advaclear
AdvaClear provides unique support for balanced activity of the body's detoxification processes..
Amipro Metagenics Cortico B5B6
Cortico-B5B6 supplies significant amounts of pantothenic acid and pyridoxine: water-soluble B vitami..
Amipro Metagenics EPA DHA 720
EPA-DHA 720 provides 720 mg of omega-3 essential fatty acids from cold water fish per softgel..
Amipro Metagenics Glutagenics Powder
Glutagenics features three key ingredients..
Amipro Metagenics Licorice Plus
Licorice Plus is a specially designed, herbal adrenal support formula for individuals who are "burne..
Amipro Metagenics Thyrosol - 60 Tabs
60 TABS Thyrosol is an exciting multi-faceted formula featuring targeted nutrients and herbs that..
Amipro Metagenics Ultra Flora Plus DF
Ultra Flora Plus DF Capsules is a probiotic formula blended with a non-dairy formula that provides h..

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